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Roaring Point Campground

Roaring Point Campground

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2360 Nanticoke Wharf Road, Nanticoke, Maryland 21840

Capture a Maryland memory and discover a natural treasure on the bay.

Roaring Point Waterfront Campground requests the pleasure of your company.  We are a family operated business since 1974.  We are a smaller park offering a pristine experience.  The majority of our sites are 50’x50’.  Our mission is to preserve the traditional camping experience which includes valuable time with family and friends while connecting with our natural surroundings.  Fishing, crabbing, swimming and relaxation are some of the favorite things to do at our park. We offer entertainment on most weekends for those that enjoy crafts, bingo, tournaments, live music, and a good ‘ole fashioned hayride.

The property dates back to the 1700’s with Civil War Soldiers camping in the surrounding fields.  Also there was the Nanticoke Steamboat that operated off the wharf area of the camp.  It transported people to Baltimore, MD and other places along with commerce trade.  The pirate Bluebeard is said to have travelled the waters of the Nanticoke River and more.  And let us not forget the Nanticoke Indians that lived along the river, protecting and growing their families. Come and learn more about the natural history while making your own memories.

The sunsets are sensational, river breezes refreshing and the hospitality is warm.  We hope you will choose us as your next camping destination.

Best Regards,

The Pepper Family and Staff

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